MyBirthday, beginning of the summer fun…..

Hell yeah! I finally completed my birthday beach day outfit and had a BLAST at South Beach (Staten Island), lol every time I say that I give a little chuckle each time. People always think that I am at south beach FL, but truth is that some times when in  NY visiting my in-laws in Staten Island where my hubby grew up this is a spot that I like to chill out at and relax.

Hat from Gap, sheer black dress w/floral print made by love orange, belt Forever21 sun glasses Balenciaga

I am really hoping that this summer be a life changer so far this year has been just that, becoming a wife and quieting my job as a teacher to pursue my dreams to work in fashion.

It truly sucks not to be working but I have been keeping my self pretty busy,with  my best friends wedding, having fun creating my art, I have been painting, doing graphics and designing clothes. This time I have been doing a bit of photography and been having fun (pic’s above) I will be updating you of my projects and looks for the summer.

I wish everyone a lovely summer and embrace the change.

A broke girl, Love Orange




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