So what that I still play with Barbies!

Ever met a person that still play with dolls, I do I love them. The game of make believe and imagination, I created a world that made me feel good about myself and the things that I wanted to accomplish I DID! who would not want to play a game where everything they want to happen happens. Okay the truth is I no longer play with Barbies but I do collect them. I try to fine Barbies that look more like me brown-skin, not just any African American doll but ones that represent a time period or particular lifestyle.

Barbie has been the start to my decision of entering in to the wold of fashion and design. Growing up I got the most of my dolls from the thrift store, they may not have been in the best condition. Sometimes I got dolls with their heads shaved, their feet and hands  have been chewed  or polish on parts of their bodies, but that did not matter at all. This is were my creativity comes from I would think of scenes that or concept that would allow me to transform barbie into a world of beauty.  For example if Barbie head was only shaved on one side and she have red polish on her legs then I would pull out my red polish and paint her entire legs red and that would become her tights. I would get my  mothers glue gun and cut hair from another doll and glue it onto barbie ( doesn’t what matter what color the hair was) I mean the possibilities were endless. I created and designed backdrops and anything else that I need to set the mood or theme at the time. Thus the start of me making and constructing clothes and making my own line of clothing for Barbie. Besides the fact that a friend of mines always had the best barbie items and everyone always wanted to play with her, I had to find a way to make my barbie stand out to keep the interest of my friends.( I made clothes for my friends to. )

Any how I am now reading this new book “Thank You For Firing Me!” by Kitty Martini and Candice Reed, and as I go through the emotional roller-coaster of being unemployed it has been a great source on my road of discoveries. By doing some of the exercises from the book I have found that my days of playing with dolls have set the standard to what career I want for myself. It had prepared for what is soon to come and I for one can’t wait.

I always used Barbie for what she was, a toy a doll to act out what ever I need her to and of course dress the part. Barbie the doll was my muse and It helped me to discover new skills and ways to be even more creative.

xoxo Love Orange


One thought on “So what that I still play with Barbies!

  1. tryingtowriteit says:

    I was made redundant from a job that I loved two years ago. It took six months for me to find something else and the range of emotions you go through is immense. It felt like grief. Don’t worry you’ll get wherever it is that you want to go. Don’t lose faith!

    My dad used to bring back dolls from wherever he was posted in the navy and there was something about their potential that used to ignite my dreams! – Loved your post and Good luck on your journey!

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