5. Big Wedding Money Saving Tips:

1. Smaller guest list. ( If you can’t go small opt for a venue where the ceremony and reception are in one spot — it will cut travel time for vendors you pay by the hour.)

2. Buy flowers that are in season. (This will cut down on shippment cost and allow for a shorter delivery time.)

3. Serve more common foods like barbecue chicken, mac and cheese, and potato salad. It’s fun and often cheaper.

4. Reuse ceremony flowers/decorations during the reception.
5. That time of year. (Think off-peak season, days other then Saturday, and time of day, like a Sunday morring brunch.)

A polished hand is……

Tell Me what you think of today’s Nail designs?

I love them! well most of them I feel that it is about time that more then just red nails and a french tip is no longer the norm (for now) but still classic. Nail design and bold colors is nothing new but it has become a bigger part of fashion then before and I myself LOVES it.



The Shower

After all the crazy planning (of course I had to work as a team) the day has finally came, my  best friend bridal shower. The making of the homemade gift bags, to designing the logo for the favors and agreeing on an invitation design all they way down to the food and drink. This is my 1st shower that I have planned, I have helped with others but never to this degree. This has been a roller-coaster for me helping my BFF get ready for her big day and being unemployed has been an struggle. I can’t do all that I would like but I still find ways to pull off the impossible.



With my many talented skills I got to work, cutting sewing, gluing, and creating.

The Shower:

The Less Money The More Creative

xoxo Love orange