The Updating……..

So As you may or may not know I am on the search for a job, but not just any job one that I am good at and will enjoy doing for a long part of my life, oh yeah! and it has to be full-time employment. So in this process of looking and applying I find myself doing a lot and I mean a lot of updating. Updating everything from my resume, my website, (check it out at online accounts which I have so many I can’t keep count. Updating my skills, that goes for designing and interviewing, oh yeah and of course my wardrobe. Although I haven’t done much shopping, I still manage to stay updated in my fashion, thanks to knowing how to sewing and (re)construction clothing. On top of all that I also do all the updating for my husband company. Who just so happen to be going through a complete redesign. I just really hope that the new year brings some good fortunes my way.

Peace to you all and if you are like me and looking for work, Good fortunes to you as well.

XOXO LoveOrange55