Yes I Can!

url Welcome to 2013! For every new year many like to set new goals for themselves, may it be lossing weight, spending more time with the family, saving more money or whatever it might be. One thing for sure it is a time many chose to reflect on the past year. In a way it is a good reminder to us all to take the time to do just that. Reflect! Nonetheless it is just a date like any other day may it be Jan. 1 or June 26, reflecting and setting goals happen everyday. This I know because it is something that I am always doing some times even two time or more in a day. I have notebooks full of goals and ideas, There is just so much I want to accomplish but like most people some dwindle to the wast side, and never see the light of day. So for the last few month that I have been out of work I have came up with some great ways to get my business to kickstart in the right direction. As well as making some new moves that will help me to do better in my process. I have decide to not allow others experiences out way mines, I am a grate event planner and I know it, so now it is time for me to let others know it as well.

So here goes: I will no longer be posting my journey on finding work but sharing my knowledge in the world of design and event planing.  This whole blogging thing is still quite new to me and I think this time I got a better understanding on it and I hope you all enjoy the new changes and keeping coming back.






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