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My chloe+isabel wedding day earrings picks 2013

My chloe+isabel wedding day earrings picks 2013

Linear earrings


Bullet earrings

Feather jewelry

Vintage style earrings

Crystal stud earrings

Crystal stud earrings

Crystal stud earrings

Bullet earrings

chloe + isabel

chloe + isabel

Anniversary Count Down……

…..day10/17 to go       For the past weeks I have been I have been leaving my husband little pomes, pictures, love notes, and notes of fun facts, of things that lead up to our wedding day. It’s our first year so we decide to keep it simple. Still recouping form our wedding and other financial problems (ie. Sallie Mae, lost job, ect..) I was happy to find out that the chosen gift for the first year was papper. With my husbad being a graphic/web designer paper was right on the money. Every thing from my notes of fun weeding facts to his actual anniversary gift all has something to do with paper. Kuddos to me!


My top 5 creative 1st year anniversary gifts (paper)

Holiday_Landing_pages_Calendar_v6 Create a calendar of your frist year of marriage.(

images If your mate has their own business get them some business cards printed. (

MIN-02T-WNA-002B_A_APDF DIY wall art prints. (

tickets2 Tickest, to game show, movies, plane….

large_books1116 A book they would love, or one of my fave past gifts, a coupon                                                                                                                                                            book a fun way to spice thing up in your marriage by adding a little spontaneity.