OMG! so for the past few months it been when our baby this and when or baby that, and when you pregnant I going to do this and we going to need that. I have to admit its pretty exciting to see him all in baby mood. only because he has this preconceived notion that it’s the women that gets all mushy over having kids and wanting to start a family. Oh, how he must feel right now, especially since I get a big kick of rubbing it in his face. (Don’t Judge our marriage)

So recently we been having some “unexpected baby burps” not going to get all into the details (our parents read my blog from time to time, no need to get them all excited.)

For a long time I have been having theses up and down reservations about having a child. I am just really scared of the whole birthing process mostly. If I could skip all that but only experience the carrying and not the birthing I know crazy right! I even had to lol for even thinking that.

I know but for real this baby thing got me on some kind of emotional rollercoaster, I am always so up and down about what is the best time to have a baby. I not getting any younger, and I feel like I should at least be trying to conceive.  ( which I am trying, but not enough)  I hate that I get the feeling that just because everyone else around me are having kids that I should be to, come on I know that’s just society playing with my head. Uhhhh! If only thing start looking up for us. Two people trying to each start their own business to just add a child to that mix will just be unfair, Right?

As of now the child safe lock is off and we will let nature run its course, if it happens sooner or later we will be happy either way.

XOXO  Love Orange