Tips to Throwing a good Party

Throw a Successful Party!


So you want to throw a party, you have most things in order but you have that gut feeling that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. What is it you need to do, fellow these step in your planning process and you will for sure have a party to remember.

Step 1. Guest

Invite a mix group of friends,  be creative with your guest list, I like to invite a few new friends, a few old. and a few grown-up friends.  depending on the mood I am looking for at the party I like to add a wild card. Bringing in another aspect into the familiar, it gets people stimulated and put them on their toes, creating a more fun and interesting party.

Step 2. Don’t Follow Orders

Many guest and hostess get hung up on doing the right things, that they forget the point of a party, which is to have fun.  Let your guest experience something different; play games, have a tournament before dinner, make something surprising happen, Life do not follow a particular order so what do our party have to.

Step 3.  Alcohol

As long as you are over the drinking age, then having a bar is a great choice, for some guest a lil drink could relax them if that are coming over right after work to been home with kids all day and need a little adult time.  Setting up a bar of two gets your guest moving around the room allowing them to talk and meet new people. It’s been suggested that setting you bars in different areas of the room helps the flow of the party, you can try having a wine bar, vodka bar and a cosmopolitan bar.

I like to serve up a pitcher of a novelty drink or set up a table of a diy cocktail with all the glasses, mix, garnishes and instructions on how to put the drink together properly.

Step 4.  Music 

Good music makes a party, by playing the right music you are setting the tone and flow of the party. If your collection is not really everyone’s cup of tea, why not ask your guest to bring their own iPods of cd’s? Hire a DJ or find an online station like (if you don’t mind the commercial ) or download a playlist from iTunes. Remember to choose a diverse playlist that connects with each guest.

Step 5. More is Better

This is simple enough that there’s no way to go wrong here, just make sure you stock up on everything. You don’t want to run to of anything  during the middle of your party. Making  sure you have lots of food, drinks, ice and garnishes are key. If you can’t  afford a full bar stick with red and white wines and a specialty drink. Unless you opt to have a byob make sure you provide all the mixers and glasses. ( there is an alternative to this rule, if you want your guest to fill up on dinner then you might want o consider serving less hors d’oeuvre  and drinks before dinner and opt to have an after dinner drink with dessert(s)).

Step 6. Allow your guest to help

We all have that one or two friend that just need to get involved in helping, so what not let them. Assign them to do something, like giving them someone to meet or take care of.  By giving them an active role at the party you are freeing up some of your time to doing things and enjoying the party.

Step 7. Seating

If your party is a dinner party, the key to seating is to know your guest; your best friend husband is not a big sports fan try seating him next to your friend from work who is a movie buff, your best friend is really into fashion but enjoys talking politics, try seating her next to your childhood friend who studied political economics in college.  Don’t be afraid of mixing it up, maybe after each course you rearrange your guest, having them sit next to someone different each time. Try not to put couples and best friends together, placing your guest in the right seat can really make an impact on what makes the party a success.

Step 8. Staging the Right Mood

Lighting and decor my favorite part of any party, it sets the stage for what I will get out of the party. From the moment I walk in I know if I am going to be delighted in fun conversation or something more intimate. Lighting helps create the mood it you want something more intimate, than low lighting and candles are perfect, for something more upbeat and fun like if you were to play a few games overhead lighting would work just fine. When staging the decor, consider the centerpiece, place-setting, lounge area, scent, and the bathroom. Many host forget to incorporate decorating the bathroom as it to is part of your party that guest will see and use.