What’s the cost? 

It’s like every year the price of everything just keeps going up. Food, housing, gas, Life in general. This spring it’s been the same old thing work a few years either love it or hate it. And back on the hunt for another. I AM TIRED!

I get laid off and in the same week I finished up I found out I was pregnant. Yeah I know after all that baby fever my husband had from my last post totally caught up with me. I was scared! Really scared. And to top it all off I was not just unemployed but so was my husband.            (3weeks pregnant) 

Things were all going good and BAM! just like that we down at square one all over again. My husband is a freelance graphic / web designer so he is in and out of work a lot. With the both of us out of work and now having to look for work and prepared for a child was a lot of stress, and to top it off we were in the planning stages of trying to relocate out of state. 

My husband lands this really awesome contract job and we could not have been more then happy. It was just long enough for us to completely our action plan and top off our savings for moving. A week and a half on the job and the company decided to go a different direction and cut his contract. Here we go again. (6&7 weeks pregnant) 

I was in my 8th week going in to my 9th when we found out that that his company was letting him go. We had just told our parents that we are expecting on Mother’s Day weekend. I never been so overwhelmed in my life. The pregnancy, the attention and questions from our families, concerned whether we told them to early or not. My first doctor visits. The mister losing his job. And trying to keep things altogether was tearing me apart. 

9 weeks and four days I had a miscarriage. This took a big toll on my body which is still recovering. But my husband it really hit him hard I think he blames himself at times. Well me on the other hand felt some sort of relief, although I realized now that I do want to have a child when the time is right we will. 

All this to say that life has its ups and downs and some things come at a higher cost then others, and as long as you know that God knows what is best for your life that he will provide you with all you need in due time. 

I know that my sanity, my relationship with my husband and my life is priceless and all else we’ll see again.  

Life is short and now I must truly follow my dreams, I have a lot to do guys wish me luck. 



The Updating……..

So As you may or may not know I am on the search for a job, but not just any job one that I am good at and will enjoy doing for a long part of my life, oh yeah! and it has to be full-time employment. So in this process of looking and applying I find myself doing a lot and I mean a lot of updating. Updating everything from my resume, my website, (check it out at www.toroyaldesigns.com) online accounts which I have so many I can’t keep count. Updating my skills, that goes for designing and interviewing, oh yeah and of course my wardrobe. Although I haven’t done much shopping, I still manage to stay updated in my fashion, thanks to knowing how to sewing and (re)construction clothing. On top of all that I also do all the updating for my husband company. Who just so happen to be going through a complete redesign. I just really hope that the new year brings some good fortunes my way.

Peace to you all and if you are like me and looking for work, Good fortunes to you as well.

XOXO LoveOrange55

It’s not just a Black’thang

I came across this article and I have mix reviews. Tell me what you think………

Click Here to read article>>>>>  http://www.thisisyourconscience.com/2010/05/the-one-thing-black-women-hate-to-see-in-their-office-another-black-woman/

I have worked at a few jobs some great, some not so great, but over time I have seen a lot of on the job issues. This to me is more of an issue in the BLACK community especially  amongst African American women. I will not bore you with all my job (let’s just say I worked lots of job) on all levels, all in which will help me achieve my bigger career goal (but that’s a different story) So I know a thing or two about working with others females. And as I was reading the article I felt my self nodding in agrement as to what the writer was saying, it made me think of one job in particular. As I went down memory lane of my work history, I realize more that it is not a black issue it’s just a female issue. It is not that other females are hating (although some do be hating) it’s just that they are nerves. It’s hard on us enough to get our male employees to treat us as equals, we have to look, act, and even shake hands a particular way. Why would anyone not be nerves?“the reality is most Black women inherently feel threatened by the new Black woman at the office” come on really! As a black woman myself I find that we try to look out for one another, especially in jobs where we dont’ see enough black females at already. However the situation, we tend to find ourselves at time in jobs where everything don’t rely on skills alone but (so vain to say this but) good looks and a personality. I mean come on! look what was set for us as the standard. Based on the network media women have been told that the prettiest and more talkative (ie. layman’s terms  more “outgoing”) ones get the work. Leaving for all other females to fend for their positions. Yeah, some female are immature and use gossip, and high school cattiness to defend their jobs. As other take the harder road and that is simply implying hard-work and letting their work show for itself, and those are the females that come out on top.  

To be Completely honest I think that the lady who wrote this article is the one that seems to be hating. I find it that when a person is having a hard time at a job and their only excuse is that some one is hating or because they look better. Make me believe that that the person that is feeling this way, may be the one with the problem . Maybe her own self-esteem or she just having a really bad day, either way her nerves got the best of her and in that, she started to see other females in the work place as her enemy’s. For me I am not one for gossip and cattiness. I enjoy working with african american females, and all other females for that matter, It just all depend on the job. lol.

XOXO LoveOrange