OMG! so for the past few months it been when our baby this and when or baby that, and when you pregnant I going to do this and we going to need that. I have to admit its pretty exciting to see him all in baby mood. only because he has this preconceived notion that it’s the women that gets all mushy over having kids and wanting to start a family. Oh, how he must feel right now, especially since I get a big kick of rubbing it in his face. (Don’t Judge our marriage)

So recently we been having some “unexpected baby burps” not going to get all into the details (our parents read my blog from time to time, no need to get them all excited.)

For a long time I have been having theses up and down reservations about having a child. I am just really scared of the whole birthing process mostly. If I could skip all that but only experience the carrying and not the birthing I know crazy right! I even had to lol for even thinking that.

I know but for real this baby thing got me on some kind of emotional rollercoaster, I am always so up and down about what is the best time to have a baby. I not getting any younger, and I feel like I should at least be trying to conceive.  ( which I am trying, but not enough)  I hate that I get the feeling that just because everyone else around me are having kids that I should be to, come on I know that’s just society playing with my head. Uhhhh! If only thing start looking up for us. Two people trying to each start their own business to just add a child to that mix will just be unfair, Right?

As of now the child safe lock is off and we will let nature run its course, if it happens sooner or later we will be happy either way.

XOXO  Love Orange


I came across this article at {} it is right on, I had to share. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. 


Can I Afford a Wedding Planner?
Can you afford to hire a planner for your wedding? In our opinion, you can’t afford NOT to hire one; it’s simply a matter of how much help you want from them, and when during the planning process you decide to secure their services.

At minimum, you’ll want someone there for the day to help orchestrate and coordinate the décor, greet and direct vendors, circle up the family and bridal party before the ceremony, pictures and the toasts, to make sure guests know when to be where, and most importantly, to help clean up at the end of the night. We’ve known many brides and grooms who have decided to forgo this expense, and almost every single one of them say that’s one of the things they definitely would have done differently if they could. DIY brides will often try to take care of this stuff on their own, or will ask family and friends to pitch in. If you can afford a profession who does this regularly it’s always best, but if your budget is too tight find a thrifty alternative! Find a local college girl who wants to be a wedding planner when she grows up (you’d be surprised how many of them are out there). Inquire with your friends, family and coworkers if they know of someone who could fit the bill and be willing to do it for you. Just remember that professionals can charge upwards towards $1000 for this service; if you aren’t hiring a professional, you shouldn’t pay professional prices, but a $100 gift card to Target for a day’s worth of work isn’t really enough unless you’re budget is really strapped.

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, a wedding planner can be a fantastic resource for you! They can help secure some of the most talented and reputable vendors, and will also be knowledgeable on the latest trends and styles of the season. Not to mention all of the time they save and stress they alleviate for you! Many brides fear that a planner will steal the show and try to take over. On one hand, remember that the reason you’re hiring them is so they CAN run the show! But you want to make sure he or she won’t step on your toes too much, and will only step in when you really want them to. If you’re the kind of bride that likes to hold the reins and long as possible, then meet with your potential planner once or twice before signing a contract, and even spring for a consultation meeting. If they’re insistent that you just HAVE to hire such-and-such photographer because they’re FABULOUS, and they wouldn’t DREAM of having anyone other than so-and-so design your bridal bouquet…well, they probably aren’t the right match for you. Just make sure that you guys connect on a personality level as well as monetary one; when stuff hits the fan, they’re the one that you’re going to go to first to save the day, and if you’re not comfortable with who they are as a person, you’re not going to want to turn to them when you actually need them.

So how does a wedding planner benefit those that aren’t on a super-tight budget, but don’t have a ton of money to spend? One of the best things they can help you with is to find vendors and décor to keep you in your budget, and in theory he or she will save you enough money to cover their fees. Think of it this way; if you’ve budgeting $20,000 for your wedding, your planner should be able to save cut enough corners and find enough deals to save you $1,000-$1,500, which is about what the fee can be.

Regardless of your budget, wedding planners can help you in so many ways!

• Vendors are more likely to get referrals for new business from wedding planners than brides, so their incentive to do a fantastic job at your wedding is increased when there’s a wedding planner preset.
• They ensure that your family, bridal party and friends have a good time. Sure, these people love you and would do anything to help you out. But after a long day of dancing, drinking and celebrating, sticking around until midnight gathering up table numbers and pulling linens off of the table is probably not their ideal way to end the night. These people are, after all, your most important guests; make sure you take care of them and let them have as much fun as they can!
• They can help you with the wedding day timeline. Oftentimes vendors are happy to help with this, but remember this isn’t what they do professionally. A DJ may do a great job of helping time out the reception, and photographers can do a pretty good job of helping your orchestrate the day, but neither of them will be able to help with the timing of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, nor will they be able to assist you in having your hair and makeup artist arrive at the hotel at the right time.
• Something will ALWAYS go wrong at your wedding! It could be as simple as a broken strap on a bridesmaid’s dress, or as overwhelming as a vendor that no-shows. Having a planner there means that you don’t have to deal with these problems when they arise; and if your planner is really good, chances are you won’t ever know that anything went wrong!

All in all, a wedding planner is something every couple needs for their wedding, and it really is something to factor in to your budget from day one. Trust us, it’ll be one of the best decisions you make about your wedding, aside from choosing the groom!


Check out the average cost of a wedding in these two charts by the knot.

average wedding cost


It’s not just a Black’thang

I came across this article and I have mix reviews. Tell me what you think………

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I have worked at a few jobs some great, some not so great, but over time I have seen a lot of on the job issues. This to me is more of an issue in the BLACK community especially  amongst African American women. I will not bore you with all my job (let’s just say I worked lots of job) on all levels, all in which will help me achieve my bigger career goal (but that’s a different story) So I know a thing or two about working with others females. And as I was reading the article I felt my self nodding in agrement as to what the writer was saying, it made me think of one job in particular. As I went down memory lane of my work history, I realize more that it is not a black issue it’s just a female issue. It is not that other females are hating (although some do be hating) it’s just that they are nerves. It’s hard on us enough to get our male employees to treat us as equals, we have to look, act, and even shake hands a particular way. Why would anyone not be nerves?“the reality is most Black women inherently feel threatened by the new Black woman at the office” come on really! As a black woman myself I find that we try to look out for one another, especially in jobs where we dont’ see enough black females at already. However the situation, we tend to find ourselves at time in jobs where everything don’t rely on skills alone but (so vain to say this but) good looks and a personality. I mean come on! look what was set for us as the standard. Based on the network media women have been told that the prettiest and more talkative (ie. layman’s terms  more “outgoing”) ones get the work. Leaving for all other females to fend for their positions. Yeah, some female are immature and use gossip, and high school cattiness to defend their jobs. As other take the harder road and that is simply implying hard-work and letting their work show for itself, and those are the females that come out on top.  

To be Completely honest I think that the lady who wrote this article is the one that seems to be hating. I find it that when a person is having a hard time at a job and their only excuse is that some one is hating or because they look better. Make me believe that that the person that is feeling this way, may be the one with the problem . Maybe her own self-esteem or she just having a really bad day, either way her nerves got the best of her and in that, she started to see other females in the work place as her enemy’s. For me I am not one for gossip and cattiness. I enjoy working with african american females, and all other females for that matter, It just all depend on the job. lol.

XOXO LoveOrange

Nail ART at the London Olympics 2012!

I know I am l behind on this but hey, it is what it is.

I was so inspired by the olympics this year more then I have ever been before. It did not just make me want to workout more, but it inspired me to strive harder for my goals in life it Gabby Douglas could accomplish so much at 16yrs old then who’s to say that I can’t tap into my 16yr old self and put just as much time and energy into what I want to achieve.

What I enjoyed the most at the London Olympics were the NAILS!
If there was ever any doubt that Nail Art wasn’t a phenomenon, all you’d had to do is turn on the Olympic games to see that this is an international trend that’s here to stay. Athletes are sporting their countries colors and flags to show off not only their team spirit, but their fashion spirit as well. Just take a look at all of the fabulous Nails!

What olympic fashion trends were a hit for you?

The Shower

After all the crazy planning (of course I had to work as a team) the day has finally came, my  best friend bridal shower. The making of the homemade gift bags, to designing the logo for the favors and agreeing on an invitation design all they way down to the food and drink. This is my 1st shower that I have planned, I have helped with others but never to this degree. This has been a roller-coaster for me helping my BFF get ready for her big day and being unemployed has been an struggle. I can’t do all that I would like but I still find ways to pull off the impossible.



With my many talented skills I got to work, cutting sewing, gluing, and creating.

The Shower:

The Less Money The More Creative

xoxo Love orange