Nail ART at the London Olympics 2012!

I know I am l behind on this but hey, it is what it is.

I was so inspired by the olympics this year more then I have ever been before. It did not just make me want to workout more, but it inspired me to strive harder for my goals in life it Gabby Douglas could accomplish so much at 16yrs old then who’s to say that I can’t tap into my 16yr old self and put just as much time and energy into what I want to achieve.

What I enjoyed the most at the London Olympics were the NAILS!
If there was ever any doubt that Nail Art wasn’t a phenomenon, all you’d had to do is turn on the Olympic games to see that this is an international trend that’s here to stay. Athletes are sporting their countries colors and flags to show off not only their team spirit, but their fashion spirit as well. Just take a look at all of the fabulous Nails!

What olympic fashion trends were a hit for you?

A wedding on a real budget

A glimpse into my wedding…….

you know how people say you won’t remember anything about your wedding.  A day you spend thousands of dollars on for your family and friends to eat, drink, and party. I mean how do you forget something like that.

Let just say that I only wish that it was true I remember everything good and bad. Yes! bad there are some very upsetting things of family that always seems to make it’s way to your special occasion. Well I put all the crazy behind me and just had fun????

You know no one never tells you how difficult it is to plan a wedding on a budget. A real budget I did not just plan my own wedding did all the designs and decorating but I did it all for less then $10,000.00. WTF! I can’t even believe myself but I really did it. The worst but most rewarding thing I have done. I have planned and worked on other weddings and events but to do it all for your own wedding can turn into a bad idea really fast. So happy to be good at what I do CREATE.

Where I saved:

My husband is a graphic web designer so we bartered his service for our Photography.( big Save) 0.00

We did our own flowers and decoration (I got a really good deal on my flowers due to the company making an mistake on my order.) 300.00

Did not rent a limo  or party bus, ( but we did rent an SUV from car rental shop) 200.00

DJand Video 600.00

Did not get a full bar but had beer, wine, one dark and white liquor ( biggest expense was bar and food) 7,000

Design and did all print work (biggest save) 150.00

Cake 70.00

Favors 100.00

total cost 8,420

What you can get for less then 10,000.00

I will never forget luv my baby

xoxo Love Orange

My trip to Quakertown, PA

The hubby and I out antiquing one of our favorite pastimes, each time we visit new place we always make sure to check out all the local antique shops. We also like to pretend that we live there and see how well we fad in with all all the locals. Here are a few of our great finds while spending time in Quakertown, Pa.